The picturesque Polkadraai Hills, home of the excellent wines of Origin Polkadraai Hills in Stellenbosch


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The Polkadraai Hills Association has been founded in 2006 by residents and entrepreneurs from the Polkadraai Hills with the explicit purpose to jointly promote this beautiful area and their products to the mutual benefit of all residents, wine farms, guesthouses and restaurants of the vicinity

The association’s objectives are:
- To take responsibility for the neighbourhood
- To promote sustainable economic development of the area
- To raise conservation awareness for our natural environment and cultural heritage

If you like what we do, you are most welcome to join us (no costs involved)! Just fill in our membership form and fax it back to 0880 21881 3025 (in SA)

The most beautiful Access to Stellenbosch

The road through the scenic Polkadraai Hills (M12/Polkadraai Road) is clearly the most beautiful route to Stellenbosch. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, beautiful estates and stunning views.

The splendour and uniqueness of this area, as well as the shared commitment of our members to top quality of their products and customer service excellence, will make your visit to our area a unique experience.
Imagine the old days...
when no highway was leading from Cape Town to Stellenbosch. Instead you drove on a narrow, curvy path, which had that infamous sharp bend around our dam. Now imagine the Stellenbosch' students driving lolly go jolly home on weekends. So often their cars did not find the right way around that dam but spinning more than once as if dancing - hence the name Polkadraai...

Enjoy the Uniqueness of our Area!

Enjoy a stay-over in in the Polkadraai Hills in one of our cosy self-catering cottages on a wine farm or get pampered at a Guesthouse in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands. You will be amazed by the hospitality and the perfect background of the spectacular scenery.

Discover the great wines of the Polkadraai Hills, visit our cellars for a tasting and meet the cellar masters to find out about the uniqueness of the wines of the Polkadraai Hills. And the restaurants of the area will match our wines with delicious food.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the Polkadraai Hills!